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14 September 2020

A person centered approach

The most important characteristic of people who are living with dementia is they are living .

They are living as well as they can, they display great courage and resiliency by showing up for another day in a life in a world that we cant even begin to imagine.

They are bringing their best selves to the task of surviving and thriving amid the great challenges that s dementia .

The same may be said for their carers.    

 Its time to create a truly dementia friendly society

Its time to help people living with dementia and their carers to live well .

Its time to create a culture of compassion .

Marina Barker 

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7 September 

Sundowning is also known as late-day confusion and is a form of Alzheimer's and other related forms of dementia .

Sundowning is not a disease but a group of symptoms effecting the person living with dementia.

This normally occurs late afternoon and carries on into the night .

the person will become confused and angry  and it always seems to be as daylight fades and in the middle stages of dementia .

Some scientists believe that your body clock is affected by dementia and the part of your brain that recognizes  when your asleep and when your awake breaks down.

These are a few things that might help 

Avoid stimulant's 




Sweets and chocolate 

Try to keep outings and appointments earlier in the day 

Close the curtains and turn  the lights out in the evening .

Make afternoons quite and calm .

Limit food intake in the evening to a snack rather than a hefty meal .

Marina Barker 

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Our Latest Blog Entry


Dementia pugilistica punch drunk syndrome 

This is a neurodegenerative disease caused by repeated  head injuries,

such as constant blows to the head and or repeated concussion .

this used to be called punch drunk syndrome or dementia pugilistica it is very common in boxers .

the disease usually begins several years after repeated blow to the head. 


Changes in mood 

Difficulty thinking (cognitive impairment )

Impulsive behavior 

Short term memory loss 

as the disease progresses ,slurred speech (dysarthria) 

Significant memory loss 

Parkinsonism symptoms 

Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)

there is no cure

This diagnosis will be treated with pain management and behavioral therapy to help with mood swings ,difficulty planning and carrying out tasks which will affect daily living as in personal care ,social interaction and general well being . 

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2 OCTOBER 2020


Is the name given   for a group of lung conditions  that can cause breathing difficulties.

This includes emphysema-damage to air sacks in the lungs -chronic bronchitis  that  will  cause long term inflammation of the airways .

Most people who suffer are over 40 years old however it has been known in rare cases off people younger .


                                                      Causes of COPD 

smoking is the main cause of COPD and is thought to be responsible for around 9 out of 10 cases.

                                                           Air pollution 

                                                 Exposure to chemicals 

                                     Exposure to industrial dust and fumes

                                       indoor cooking with poor ventilation  


                                 The major causes of death were found to be 

                                     Acute -on-chronic respiratory failure 

                                                       Heart failure 

                                                   Pulmonary infection 

                                                  Pulmonary embolism

                                                    Cardiac arrhythmia

                                                       Lung cancer



                                                        Chronic cough 

                                                         lack of energy 

                                           Decreased ability to exercise

                                                  Unintended weight loss 

                                          Frequent respiratory infections


                                                       Shortness of breath

                                                     Tightness in the chest 

                                                A cough that wont go away 

                                              Coughing up blood or mucas 

                                       Pain or discomfort when breathing out 

Although there is no cure for this disease avoiding certain things may help 




                                                             Fried foods 

                                                           Dairy products