Marmalade care ltd

Marmalade care reviews

The best around by far 

we can highly recommend Marmalade care ltd for high quality service 

staff knowledge is up to date, staff service is friendly, cheerful,thorough and efficient.

way ahead of any similar companies -a real find !

Peter G


Marmalade care revieiws

I am very happy and there is nothing i would change  with marmalade care ltd

would be very delighted to recommend them.

Derek B


Marmalade care is very accommodating to my need ,my companion is very happy and confident ,i would certainly recommend them 

Mrs H 


Marina and her team have been looking after my elderly mum for a few months now .They are great and have been very responsive in times of need .

To be honest ,they have been a godsend during lockdown ,providing my mum with much needed companionship and smiles .



Our experience with Marmalade care is second to none the girls are so caring, kind , reliable and always caring. They are actually here to look after my husband but if I have a bad day they are always there for me .

There is nothing I would change  they are perfect 

Marmalade care is an amazing company .

Judith and Ray